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Pry it from my cold dead fingers

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I came across this article this morning. Unfortunately this seems to be the image problem CICS struggles with. We know it is not the technology - more often it is the people that holds on to the technology so tightly that they lose sight of the fact - the existing system that they "paid millions for" is not fulfilling the business need of the user.

Happy Cows

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(The uncertain future of CICS part 2)

I saw this commercial on television the other day. The commercial was trying to convince the viewer that happy cows produce more milk and that happy cows come from California.

The slightly goofy series of commercials show the cows getting up to various antics because they are so happy...

So I started to wonder how happy CICS customers are lately.

Is COBOL like Oil?

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(The uncertain future of CICS part 1)

The other day I was thinking about the future of CICS and what programming languages and technology we could be using in a few years time. Part of why I was musing about this was because of the age old problem of COBOL.

Web education continued.

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Well here are the promised articles that show how to use the CICS web interface.

How to use URIMAPs and relative links:
URIMAP's and relative links.(

How to do web session management in CICS:
How do I do session management in CICS? (

SHARE 2008 experiences

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SHARE was a great experience and it was good to finally meet all the people I have corresponded with over the years.

The CICS track was great with some incredibly professional in depth sessions. The highlight of the CICS track for me was definitely Gene Linefsky's presentation on "Building an Enterprise Ready Java/CICS Environment".

I also found some Assembler, C++, Java, MQ, DB2 and USS sessions interesting. The XML processing capabilities of DB2 9 just blows my mind! The session on that subject was very informative.

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