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CICS/Morning News - Send company or departmental news



CICS/Morning News allows you to broadcast “news” to all or selected CICS users when they logon or sign on to CICS. News is also available throughout the day by entering a CICS transaction.

  • News can be generated for broadcast to all CICS users, to selected groups of users or to an individual user.
  • Morning News allows News to be directed to CICS users by operator id, terminal id or user id. Only those authorized can generate News.
  • News can be one full screen (19 lines of 79 characters each). Morning News help screens are available throughout the system whether creating, changing or just reading news.
  • Most current News is always displayed first, but the user is then free to browse forward or backward chronologically through News that he is authorized to read.
  • A reader can go directly to News for a specified date or he can go to the oldest or newest (most current) News.
  • News can be set up to display at a future date. With Morning News a batch program is included to delete news based on age, or print selected news.
  • User lists can be shared between MacKinney Systems Message and Morning News. Message messages can be automatically sent to Morning News.