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CICS/QEDITOR - Editor invoked from your application



CICS/QEDITOR is an easy-to-use editor which is invoked by the application program to allow users to edit data in a temporary storage queue. When editing is complete, the queue is passed back to the program. It eliminates the need to give users access to ICCF or TSO. Full-function editing -- moves, copies, deletes, inserts, find, change, text split, text flow, etc.

CICS/QEDITOR features include:

  • Individual and group moves, copies, and deletes
  • Insertion of single or multiple lines
  • Individual and group line repetition
  • Find and change and repeat find and change with wildcard options
  • Text split and text flow
  • Display data without change capability (but with browse and find active)
  • Convenient scrolling
  • Supports mixed case
  • Supports alternate screen sizes
  • Supports up to 500 character lines