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CICS Batch Application Control

Batch Control


Manage batch processes that coexist and share resources

CICS® Batch Application Control simplifies and automates the switch of resources between batch and CICS® applications, reducing the need for manual intervention by operators and system programmers. The core of CICS Batch Application Control is the batch request utility, which runs as a standard batch job step, enabling you to control the states of CICS resources within multiple CICS regions. By invoking CICS Batch Application Control in successive batch jobs, and by scheduling multiple batch jobs throughout the working day, you can optimize the way resources are managed in your specific environment.

CICS Batch Application Control optimizes application management using:

  • Resource allocation — enables batch jobs to change the state of CICS resources with near 24x7 operations.
  • Request tracking — tracks resource state change requests for greater productivity.
  • Pre-defined resources — Helps to reduce errors and abends related to batch processing

  • Simplifies and automates the transitions between batch and CICS application access to the same resources
  • Dynamically changes the state of CICS system-owned VSAM files, transient data queues, programs and transactions
  • Allocates or deallocates resources from an online CICS application at the beginning of a batch stream and reallocates them when batch processing is complete.Minimizes need for manual intervention with close to 24/7 availability.

Request tracking

  • Tracks all requests for state changes made within and from outside CICS regions.
  • Ensures that each resource is in its correct state at region startup.
  • Tracks resource state change requests across participating batch streams.

Pre-defined resources

  • Application-development team can define all the resources relevant to each application in groups and application lists.
  • Operations team can more easily manage applications without having to worry about which resources are a part of each application.
  • It may reduce the time required for the nightly batch window or remove the need to take down the CICS region, thereby moving CICS applications closer to 24x7 operation.