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JES Queue for Printers



JES Queue for Printers(JQP) delivers reports from the JES output queue to TCP/IP or VTAM printers. JQP delivers output directly to the TCP/IP printer or a Line Printer Daemon (LPD). The LCDS feature provides support for Xerox's DocuPrint or DocuTech devices over TCP/IP eliminating SNA hardware. Replace costly BUS/TAG printer hardware using your existing TCP/IP printer network. JES Queue for Printers will interface with Solimar Systems, Barr Systems, Rochester Software Associates and Xerox. No JES definitions or changes are required. Option to support the Rijndael encryption algorithm, Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) is available.

JES Queue for Printers uses the information from the ROUTE PRINT, OUTPUT or DD statements to determine the reports' destination. Every CICS printer in your shop can now be used as a destination for output from batch jobs. Likewise, 3270-enabled PC printers defined to VTAM and printers defined to the TCP/IP network are available for batch output.