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z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler with EXEC CICS assembler support



Z390 CICS compatible assembler application transaction manager support
has been developed by Melvyn Maltz and is distributed as open source
in the Z390\CICS directory.

The Z390 CICS compatible transaction manager includes a server
supporting multiple local and remote sessions connected via a TCP/IP
network. The transaction server can be started by running
CICS\Z390CICG.BAT which also starts local terminal sessions.

Remote clients can be started by running CICS\Z390KCPL.BAT for multiple
remotes or CICS\Z390KCPR.BAT for a single remote for tracing and testing.

The EZ390 runtime emulation TCPIO macro and SVC support for SOA client
server messaging is used to request CICS functions from the server and
to pass data and status back to the Client on a TCP/IP network.

Starting with V1.3.08h, the CICS compatible transaction manager supports
all VSAM base datasets for read and browse functions.