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CICS VSAM Transparency

VSAM Tools


IBM® CICS® VSAM Transparency for z/OS® V1.2 enables the migration of data from VSAM to DB2® while ensuring continued access to the data in DB2, without modification to the CICS or batch VSAM application programs, and only minimal changes to the environment. The product lowers the risk of file migration and facilitates better sharing between online, batch and distributed applications while improving availability and scalability and enabling the use of powerful DB2 tools for maintenance and reorganization.

CICS VSAM Transparency is a set of data migration tools and a run-time management control component. The data migration tools include all the utilities required to convert VSAM key sequenced data set (KSDS) and relative record data set (RRDS) structures to DB2 tables, build the static Structured Query Language (SQL) drivers and migrate the data. The run-time component evaluates the application program's original and unaltered VSAM calls, processes them in DB2, and returns the results to the calling program.

CICS VSAM Transparency can help: