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Performance Tuning

C\TREK is a tool specifically designed to help tune the CICS environment and provide information whenever the system may be experiencing a problem. C\TREK provides the information through an on-line display where potential conditions that require attention are highlighted in either yellow (warning) or red (possible problem). There are over 700 different displays available in C\TREK, providing an in-depth view of the executing CICS system. Identified problems are accompanied by a help facility that makes problem analysis and resolution an easy task. C\TREK provides a transaction that allows the user a quick overview of potential problems that may exist in the system such as the file area or DB2. Optimizing CICS is a complex task, especially when the system may be inter-connected with other CICS systems either through MRO, ISC or Sysplex connections. It is not unusual to see installations that have multiple production and test CICS systems and hundreds of VSAM files or DB2 tables to tune. The sheer volume of data that must be processed makes tuning a CICS system very difficult and time consuming. In many cases, tuning is confined to a small area such as LSR buffer tuning because of the large number of files that are defined. So, many file-tuning areas are never even considered or attempted unless a specific problem arises. This is where C\TREK becomes an invaluable tool for the system programmer because C\TREK was designed to look at the detail and identify and recommend (via the Help displays) possible solutions. A system programmer, with or without extensive experience, can identify the areas that require tuning within a system in a fraction of the time it would take using available performance monitors. You will identify potential performance problems within your system in a matter of hours by using C\TREK, something that would probably take days or weeks if attempted manually. C\TREK is easy to use and learn and can be used to learn CICS internals. Tuning CICS has to be a “top down approach”, that is, you have to ensure that those areas external to CICS (e.g., operating system, VTAM, VSAM etc.) are also tuned with respect to CICS. One of the distinguishing features provided by C\TREK is that it provides external information (e. g., overall system and address space CPU utilization, address space priorities, VTAM information etc.) that affect CICS performance. This information is important to a person performing the CICS tuning, as is the case on many occasions. This type of information is not readily available due to distributed system programming responsibilities. C\TREK analyzes the important operating system and CICS control blocks and provides information so that the person responsible can take action. In addition, C\TREK is also useful for your programming department. C\TREK provides a VSAM space calculator that helps programmers determine the correct space allocation required for the file and helps identify the best control interval size for both the index and data components. The user can add free space percentages and see the effect that this parameter has on the space allocated. C\TREK provides an in depth VSAM file analysis that is used by programmers interested in tuning their VSAM files. C\TREK provides an ABEND Handler intercept that is used by programmers to debug ASRA cancellations as well as storage violations. C\TREK is available for all major CICS/TS releases from IBM. C\TREK is delivered with all applicable maintenance applied. New versions can be downloaded from the Internet and contain the latest maintenance level. This frees your system programmers from having to maintain the product via the application of PTFs. In addition, all the C\TREK versions for the applicable CICS product are delivered to you. If you plan to install a new release of CICS/TS, you will have a copy of the applicable C\TREK product. New versions are delivered with the general availability of the new CICS release or version. We have not forgotten about VSE users either. A version of C\TREK is available for VSE users running CICS/TS.