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Synchro for z/OS

Performance Managers

Synchro is designed to manage CICS system(s) automatically, irrespective of where they are in the user network. It makes control simpler by offering powerful features for:
  • Cross platform management of multiple CICS systems from a single point
  • Propagation of procedures across all nodes in a Synchro network to ensure standardised operational procedures
  • Command security
    • Synchro Key Features
    Dynamic control of CICS resources '7x24' operational requirements mean that bringing a complete CICS system down for maintenance is no longer an option for many companies. Synchro allows customers to bring down parts of a system as required, minimising the impact on end-users. Central point of control Mainframe reliability means that unattended operation is now possible at remote sites. Synchro can communicate with any CICS system in a network and control this remote operation. Central control means, for example, that if customer applications have to be taken off-line for a short time on one CICS system, then a duplicate version can be brought online on another system so minimising the impact on a company's business. Automated CICS operations Synchro has the ability to run procedures with huge numbers of commands acting either on single or multiple systems, or single or multiple CICS resources. CICS system resources may be grouped into logical 'sets' so that one command acts right across that set. Used in conjunction with the Synchro command timer facility, it is possible to automate CICS operations. This means that operations staff need only to be involved when error conditions occur. Full operational audit Synchro keeps a full log of all commands issued AND the responses to those commands.