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TraceMaster CodeTrack


Designed explicitly for the mainframe Application Performance and Availability suite, TraceMaster CodeTrack provides two valuable services. TraceMaster CodeTrack provides CICS Path Analysis so that a developer can know with certainty exactly how often each instruction is, or even is not, executed. It also ensures that storage violations, amongst the nastiest of problems, won't occur when an application targets a memory area. CICS Path Analysis enables the extent of testing carried out on new or enhanced applications to be determined. CodeTrack monitors every instruction issued by the target program, accumulates a count of the number of times the instruction has been executed and can then produce reports clearly showing the executed code and non-executed code. It is an effective tool in the quality control process of promoting applications to a production environment. Storage Violation Detection tracks the execution path of CICS applications. When a monitored application is about to execute a store instruction - one whose effect is to update an area of storage - the tool verifies that the targeted memory area is actually owned by the application. If an application attempts to update storage lying outside of its ownership, the update is detected; optionally, the impending violation can cause the application to abend. Other actions are also supported. TraceMaster CodeTrack's pre-emptive process is more efficient, and safer than trying to detect a storage error after it has occurred, which is a considerable advantage over the standard CICS mechanisms. TraceMaster CodeTrack's low-level interception approach means its monitoring can be applied in almost all circumstances, particularly to transactions which might preclude the use of standard CICS mechanisms. Used in development or system testing environments, TraceMaster CodeTrack is the perfect tool to ensure that none of the code going into the production environment will cause storage violations.