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VSAM Tools

  • CICS and Batch applications make heavy use of keyed indexed VSAM (KSDS) files.
  • VSAM is a prime bottleneck to the performance of these systems. IAM, eliminates VSAM's (KSDS and ESDS) bottleneck by slashing I/O and CPU time.
  • IAM's Real Time Tuning monitors I/O activity, dynamically changing the number of buffers and I/O chaining.
  • IAM completely eliminates the I/O to the VSAM index. IAM executes fewer instructions per record request.
  • Batch processing times are dramatically reduced by 50 to 80%.
  • IAM does not require users to make any modifications to their operating system. IAM does not replace any operating system access methods.
  • IAM is designed to coexist with VSAM.
  • IAM with data compression takes less CPU time than VSAM and significantly less than software compression products.
  • IAM's file structure and software compression technique is significantly faster than VSAM's hardware compression, while giving comparable or better space reduction.
  • IAM delivers superior performance and better space savings while using less CPU time.