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Assembly problem with CICS Service Flow Feature IVP

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You are installing the Service Flow Feature (SFF) in your CICS® Transaction Server region. You are trying to run the installation verification procedures (IVPs), and the compiles, assemblies, and linkedits are failing. In the job output, you see messages like the following: IEW2729S D907 BLOCKSIZE IS ZERO OR NOT A MULTIPLE OF LRECL FOR DDNAME SYSLIN AND CONCATENATION NUMBER 1. IEW2230S 0414 MODULE HAS NO TEXT.

How to determine what version of DFHIRP is loaded in your Link Pack Area (LPA)

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You are either having problems with MRO communications, or you are doing planning and need to find out what version of DFHIRP is loaded into your system LPA. The following procedure will let you determine what version and maintenance level is currently installed, without having to examine an SVC dump.

CICS Transaction Server V3.1 End of Marketing announcement

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The End of Marketing (EOM) date for CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS® (CICS TS) V3.1 was 29 June 2007. This document contains a link to the CICS TS V3.2 announcement letter which contains the EOM announcement for CICS TS V3.1. This document also contains information about upgrading to the latest release of CICS TS.

ABEND878 with excessive DQE's in Subpool 122 Key 8 storage. Xpediter Code Coverage in use.

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You are running CICS® Transaction Server and experience an abend S878. Upon analysis with IPCS and IPCS command VERBX VSMDATA 'NOG,SUM' you find an excessive amount of storage taken by subpool 122 key 8 storage. The DQE's are x'1000' bytes long.

DFHIS0002 severe error 010A and CICS will not initialize

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You are initial starting one of your CICS® Transaction Server AOR regions for the first time under CICS TS V3.2. After control is given to CICS, you receive message: DFHIS0002 A severe error (code X'010A') has occurred in module DFHISDM.

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