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DFHMN0101 SMF RC X'28' after applying maintenance

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After applying maintenance, the following errors may occur during CICS® shutdown: DFHMN0101 SMF error - SMF return code X'28'. DFHST0103 An SMF error has occurred with return code X'28'.

Loop in DFHWBCLI with high CPU utilization after changing ICSF to accelerator mode

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Your CICS® system loops in module in DFHWBCLI and causes high CPU utilization. You are using an IBM® product called ICSF that encrypts data on the fly. You made a change to ICSF just before the error started. You dynamically changed from coprocessor mode to the accelerator mode.

DFHSM0133 short on storage above the line, SMSHRU31 subpool growing

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Your CICS® Transaction Server region has a problem where one subpool is growing until it becomes short on storage. SMSHRU31 is the name of the subpool.

RTIMOUT and DTIMOUT have no effect on TCP/IP Listener sockets application

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You have a pseudo-conversational CICS TCP/IP® sockets application. The RTIMOUT and DTIMOUT have no effect on the tasks for this application. This means a client program that holds the socket for a long time could adversely affect CICS.

JIT compilers affect on CICS performance

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You have Java™ transactions in a CICS® Transaction Server region. You would like to know if you should turn on the just-in-time (JIT) compiler. You would also like to know if turning on the JIT offers any performance improvements.

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