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IEA995I ABENDA03 when shutting down CICS when using CA-SYSVIEW

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When you shutdown CICS®, the CICS region ends with message IEA995I and system completion code=A03. CICS hangs after the abend. You end CICS with a FORCE.

DFHXS1104 Default security could not be established for the DFLTUSER

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You deleted old userids as part of cleanup and deleted CICSUSER, the CICS® default userid. Now, when you try to start CICS, you get DFHXS1104 Default security could not be established for userid. The security domain cannot continue, so CICS is terminated and CICS will not start. This means that you cannot get to the IUI screen.

SOS above the line after many storage violations when STGRCVY=NO

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You are running CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS and encounter a short on storage (SOS) condition above the line. This occurs after many storage violations. You have storage recovery (STGRCVY) set to NO and transaction isolation (TRANISO) set to YES.

Draft Redbooks - CICS Web Services Workload Management and Availability

A key feature of CICS® TS V3 is the ability to use CICS to provide an execution environment for Web Services applications. This IBM Redbook looks into the specific management requirements of such applications and shows how CICSPlex® SM can be used to manage these applications in an easy to use fashion. The first part of the redbook takes a theoretical approach, looking an overview of Web services, focusing on some of the architectural concepts that need to be considered on a Web services project.

IXG312E offload delayed due to a backup on the same VOLUME

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You receive message IXG311I followed by IXG312E every 60 seconds. In this case, the offload is being delayed because a job that backs up the pack containing the offload datasets is running. You want to know how you should reply to message IXG312E. You also want to know if there is a way to do a ADRDSSU backup without causing the logger delay.

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